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Godawari Groups is a prestigious fare meter manufacturing company that provides Rickshaw Fare Meters. With our huge industry experience, we have established ourselves as the noticeable maker, merchant as well as vendor of a superb series of Fare meter. Purchase with us at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

Taxi Fare Meter

A taxi fare meter is a mechanical or digital tool set up in taxicabs, cars, rickshaws, and autos that determines traveler fares based on a combination of range traveled as well as waiting time.


If we look closer to the mechanism of auto fare meter functions together with the duration and the distance of the trip. The taxi firm or the proprietor has the option to feed the information into the memory chip located inside the taxi fare meter, and the taxi meter will certainly function according to the information filled inside the chip. Moreover, with the specially created electronic user interface of the most recent taxi fare meter, the cabby and the guests can appreciate the maximum convenience when it comes to taxing fare.


If you do own a taxi, setting up a taxi meter is not a large offer. The setup direction of the taxi fare meter will certainly be given in addition to the purchase of the meter, as well as you simply need to adhere to the directions. Still, if you are unclear about the installation procedure, then you can always refer to your trusted taxi meter manufacturer; Godawari Groups to get the meter mounted in your taxi, as well as you will get the optimum gain from the same.


Additionally, if you describe the taxi market, there is an excellent need available for the taxis which make use of taxi meters to compute the fares. The factor is the amount charged for the destination is equivalent to every single passenger irrespective of personal relationships. So you can always anticipate a reasonable service from the taxi solution accordingly.
On top of that, most business taxi companies make use of meters to maintain a track about taxi use. So the taxi owner will certainly not obtain cheated for incorrect gas mileage details as the meter can tape all those details. As a result, corporate taxi entrepreneurs can move on with acceptable outcomes as necessary.



  • Easy installation & Operation
  • Automatic switch over from running mode to waiting mode
  • Surface mount tech. used
  • 128 X 64 LCD Display
  • Display Fare in Rs, Distance in Km & Waiting Time in Min.
  • ABS body
  • Easy installation of new revised tariff according to any state.
  • Vehicle battery for power supply
  • Calculation of Fair using Distance and waiting time
  • 7 keys on keypad for various Functions
  • Display of Total Distance Traveled and Total Fare with waiting
  • IP54 protection
  • Highly durable
  • Automatic switch over from running mode to waiting mode
  • Night Mode automatically activated
  • 8 MB memory for performing data retention
  • RTC for time calculation
  • Hall effect sensor attachment for distance calculation



  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Display Fare in RS. Distance in Km & waiting time in Min.
  • ABS body
  • 128 X 64 LCD Display
  • Surface Mount Technology components used
  • RTC for time calculation
  • Hall effect sensor attachment for distance calculation
  • PANIC button for emergency message
  • Tamper proof design to ensure safety and credibility
  • GPRS signal strength/Connection indicator
  • GPS Module uses for tracking
  • 7 keys use in keypad for performing different functions
  • 8 MB memory for performing data retention
  • Night Mode automatically activated in meter
  • Automatic switch over from running mode to waiting mode
  • Li-Ion battery for back-up supply.
  • Battery life indicator
  • Status indication of vehicle